Discussion about Crypto Currencies and Intro to Steemit.com; Wednesday, 18th of April, 6pm

We (Daniel, Akiko and Chris - entrepreneurs from Germany and Japan) are visiting Tirana and would like to exchange thoughts and ideas about cryptocurrencies and also find out how crypto currencies are used and handled in Albania. Also we would like to share our experience with Steemit.com
We bring some snacks and sodas and look forward to a casual and informative gathering.


Hey @Chris thank you for writing here again. Seems to be an interesting event. I will be there.

If we agree for the time, then I can help with promoting the event :slight_smile:

Best regards,


Hello Sidorela,

my sincere apologies for not replying earlier, somehow I have overseen your message and just noticed it when checking open labs related messages. We would be happy to simply talk about crypto trends. Akiko would show a few slides and then have an open discussion. We bring some snacks and sodas.

Would 6pm be ok?

Best, Chris

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Hey Chris,
For how long will you be there? As I would like to have the event on another day, or at least one day later. Probably I will be out of the city tommorow, but don’t want to miss the event.

Can we postpone it? As now it very short time to promote and invite people.
What do you think?

Thank you,

Hi Sidorela,
Wednesday would be fine.

Shall we schedule it onto 6pm?

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Yes it is okay for me. See you there :slight_smile:

Hello!! Thanks for joining us at the hackerspace, te event seems really interesting, I’ll join too :smiley:

Wednesday is 18th April, not 19th April. Which day is it now? I’d like to be there as well

My mistake, excuse me. It is on Wednesday.

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Happy to see you tomorrow at Open Labs. I will bring some Japanese snack :slightly_smiling_face: