Disaster Risk Management in Albania


With the heat wave coming to Albania, the risk for forest-fires increases immensely.
Let’s make some mapping with previous fires and risks.

This should be a priority before August I think - still we might need some help from experts. Let me know what you think.

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Sharing with the OSM user group.

Maybe these data might help.

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From internal discussion:

  • get-baseline (mapping task)
    • create a map of forests, with types of trees
    • find history of fire in most areas
  • human-risk (mapping task)
    • get housing close to them
    • do mapping for the closest houses
  • provide support for intervention (analytics)
    • routes for people to be rescued
    • routes for services close to risky sites
    • potentially closed rotues

Relevant links will be added to this pad for notes:

We will soon get a mapping session started related to this.
Probably next week.

We can use the following:

For the routing, probably will work with OpenRouteService.