Deep Learning in Python

The OSCAL meeting shouldn’t take longer than 1.5h so 7pm should be fine (although we always take longer than 1.5h which shouldn’t be the case)

After OSCAL meeting we have LibOCon meeting.

Fair enough. We should really put the private meetings in the calendar to know what has been scheduled to avoid such situations.

So I suppose the final date is Friday, 15 December at 19:00 - 20:00. Please go on with FB event creation so that I can invite as many interested persons as possible.


It is published on the note before the calendar. I added some more info about the weekly events.


Here is the link


+1 From me as well, I added the event in activities list in our wiki.
15 Dec 2017 @19:00PM

I will help with wiki page, and facebook event in the next days.
Probably I can also help with keys.



@g10t1 as mentioned before @Sidorela will work on it in the next days. All the best to your event.


Thanks for the presentation, it was very interesting and useful. AI with Deep Learning is becoming a trend nowadays, so I hope that more students will be interested in learning it.