Deep Learning in Python

Hi there,

as a follow up of our previous discussions about Python and Machine Learning, I propose
an event entitled “Fedora Loves Python Workshop #3 - Deep Learning in Python”. The discussions
will superficially cover basic concepts like Feed-Forward Neural Networks and Convolution Neural
Networks (in simplified terms). The focus will be on illustrating Python code of intelligent and funny
applications like:

Recognition of animals in images (Cats vs Dogs)
Recognition of handwritten digits
Prediction of smartphone preferences based on user reviews

build with popular python Deep Learning libraries (TensofFlow and Keras).
I will be preparing for my leave and thus my LATEST possible date-time for this event
is Thursday, 07.09.2017 around 19.30. Please feel free to provide ideas or suggestions about
possible issues that can be considered while preparing the presentation and code examples.




as discussed with some of you, the above schedule (Thurday Sep 7) won’t be favorable for the OL
members who will be abroad, even if we push it for Firday, Sep 8. Thus we can consider any date
between 4 (Monday) to 7 (Thursday) September at 19.30. Please provide feedback about a definitive
date within that interval, so that we can proceed creating the event and notifying anybody who might
be interested.


@g10t1 I will not be able to make it, but I just wanted to thank you for the initiative of sharing your knowledge with other members of the hackerspace.
@Sidorela @diskmanti @ecukalla @Enkelena @Elena @eronahasani @redian @RucajDenisa @mirjetarexha @cejkualfred @zanap @Xh3n1 @albanx @MarinKaltani @melisa.sulko and other people I forgot to tag, what do you think :slight_smile:?


If it is python I am all in. :smiley:

+1 I will be there, I propose to do it on Sept 5.

September 5th works for me too. :smiley:

It is not just Python. I will also be talking about cutting edge Python Deep Learning libraries like
Keras or TensorFlow of Google. The code illustrations will also be very interesting as they solve hard
AI problems like Image Recognition or Sentiment Analysis of user preferences. I am for 5 Sep 7.30 PM.

Hi all,

My name is iker, i was in OpenLabs one year ago speaking about community wifi solutions. I have seen that you have people interested on ML and BD with python skills, so maybe you are also interested on working with Spark/PySpark to handle big amount of data, train models and making some cool stuff with spark ML libraries.

I will be on Tirana from 02/12/2017 to 05/12/17 so maybe we can make a small meetup if you want.


Hey Iker, nice to have you back in town :smiley:
If you are planning to host a meetup please open a new thread with a small description of what you are thinking. I believe this will be a great opportunity for all the hackerspace members that are interested in more technical stuff.
Once you publish on a new thread I will add your event here - this will help you book the place earlier.


Hi Redon! I wanted to get the lay of the land and see if there was cuorum before propose “so technical” meetup.

Anyway i will open a new thread for this proposal.


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based on the interest from the previous Python workshop I think many people will be inerested in your presentation as well. At least I hope so :slight_smile:


Here you have the link ( to download the files. Thanks for the event.

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Thanks Anxhelo. Can you add this to our wiki as well?


Hi there, hope everyone is fine.

As my next (and maybe last) presentation at OpenLabs Tirana, I propose a discussion about subjectivity analysis of texts with python entitled “Analiza e subjektivitetit te teksteve me python - Fedora loves python meetup #4”.

I intend to illustrate practical Python code snippet executions for text cleaning, tokenization and normalization and how it can be used to infer subjectivity of target short sentences. I will also put together all materials of previous presentations and resource links as well.

I suggest to schedule the event between Monday 11/12 (earlier is not possible) and no later than Monday 18/12, to have many students present. It will take 60 - 70 minutes at most, so 7 - 8 PM (after work time) could be ok. Please feel free to provide ideas or suggestions about topics that can be covered and reply quickly to have the event published asap.



Thank you very much for initiating this.
From what I have seen there are a lot of people who are interested in Python topics and it’s +1 from me.


Thanks for taking the time to organise this @g10t1. +1 from my side as well.
Regarding the dates please have a look at the events that are already ‘booked’ here and choose a date that ideally is not a Sunday or a national holiday. Regarding the time I would propose anytime between 17.00 - 20.00 for a weekday or 10.00 - 17.00 on a Saturday. This timings seems to be preferable from the participants in my experience.
Having said this, please propose a specific time based on the comments above and someone from the members will initiate all the details needed.

ps: if I may, why is this the last workshop you are hosting?


Based on the log of activities, it seems that 14/12 and 15/12 are free of event. So I propose one of these days (14-thursday or 15-Friday) at 19:00 - 20:00. Please pick up one and proceed with FB event creation.

You are the one to pick the date :slight_smile:
One more thing, we need one of the members with to be present at the event that also has the keys. @Members why is taking ownership of this and proceed?


@rskikuli: Regarding “and maybe last”, It is not a matter of willingness. I guess it is better to have it on Thursday, 14 December. Friday is weekend so many people like to have funnier activities. So somebody please create the FB event with Thursday, 14 December, 19:00 - 20:00. See you in a couple of days.

On Thursday we have OSCAL meeting.