DebianEdu Training

DebianEdu aka Skolelinux is a Linux distribution based on Debian providing an out-of-the box environment of a completely configured school network. It may be used in other cases where you need to manage a big number of computers and a big number of user accounts (for example in an organization or company).

I am starting soon an online course about how to install and manage a DebianEdu network: DebianEdu Training (14 October 2022) · Events (Indico)
We are going to install it on a virtual environment on the cloud, so that we see all the needed steps.

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Getting started with DebianEdu:

  • Install main-server.
  • Open GOsa and add manually a test user.
  • Test an LTSP diskless client (on the LTSP network).
  • Test an LTSP diskless client (on the main network).
  • Test a thin (X2Go) client.
  • Import user accounts from a CSV file.
  • Import student accounts in a certain division/subdirectory.