Debian squash party

Anybody in OL knows Greek and English sufficiently to be able to translate from Greek to English? There is a Debian project that needs Greek to English translation. Anybody is willing to help?
Maybe we can do this project during the Debian party, @pocock what do you think?

@marianaballa @anisakuci and @rskikuli should be able to translate Greek as far as Iā€™m concerned.

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Dashamir thanks for sharing. I have the knowledge in Greek and English to do this, but it is impossible to work on it for the next months due to many engagements I have planned :frowning: Hopefully someone else can work on it earlier than me.


I believe that it is something that can be finished in a weekend, especially if several people are involved (you, Anisa, Mariana, etc.). And since we have no idea about what to do during the Debian party (and we have hopes that Daniel is going to provide some guidance about this), I proposed this project so that at least we have something useful to do, which is also quite easy (I believe).

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Another idea for the Debian squash party can be to install PureOS.
This is a Debian based distribution that emphasises respecting your security, privacy and freedom. It is still in Beta-1 release, so it needs testing and bug reporting, and I guess that we can do this.

However I am not sure whether this can be acceptable or endorsed by the Debian community.

This was the project that I had in mind:

However, I just noticed that it has already been finished during the summer: