Debian SnowCamp 2018

Winter in Europe can be grey and boring, and FOSDEM is too short to
satisfy our need to meet Debian people; isn’t this a good time to spend
near the italian lakes, where the weather is dry and relatively warm,
for an event in the SunCamp style?.

Like the SunCamp this is not a conference, but more a DIY DebCamp where
space is provided but everything else is up to the attendants.

Debian SnowCamp 2018

Laveno (VA), Italy
February 22-25, 2018

If you have any question feel free to join us on the IRC channel:

How to register

To register for the event add yourself to the table on
and start looking for room mates.

If at the end of december there are at least 15 people registered as
staying at the hostel the event will happen and you will have two weeks
to pay your stay at the hostel (payment details will be provided closer
to the date).

Elena ``of Valhalla’’

Subject: Debian SnowCamp 2018
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The bug is here:

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