Debian Meetups

@Members let’s keep this thread for all the Debian meetups.

After the first Debian meetup with special guest @pocock, it was mentioned by some of the members to keep the momentum and organize the second meetup in September.
The proposed day is 27.09.2017 @ 18.00. What do you think?
If we go for it I’d propose to work on some promo materials (stickers & leaflets in Shqip)?



+1 let’s keep going with more events dedicated to Debian, there was a lot of interest by the attendees in the first meeting :smiley:

If it was closer to the cryptoparty date (30 September) it may be easier for me to attend both events but you can certainly go ahead and have a Debian meeting even if nobody from outside Tirana comes along.

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@silva.arapi could you please update the date in the topic if the change we discussed is now confirmed?

Hey all,

As we also discussed this with @pocock as it would be easier for him and maybe other people from Debian to join the meetup but to also join the cryptoparty we are holding on 30 September, we decided to postpone the Debian meetup with one day, so it will be on 28 Spetember 2017.


@borisbudini could you help @silva.arapi edit the date/time in the original post in the topic?

Hey @pocock.
@borisbudini is a test account, please don’t ping there. Use @boris instead :slight_smile:
Also, everyone can edit their posts.

As you might know these days many of us are participating at FOSScamp Syros 2017. There will be OpenStreetMap, Wikipedia, LibreOffice and Debian activities, which will be reflected here:
There will also be updates on Twitter with the hashtag #FOSScampSyros:



A pic from the event today during FOSScamp in Syros :smiley:



Looking forward to tomorrow! @pocock did you arrive in Tirana? If not, when will you arrive?