Debian Bug Squashing Party

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@dashohoxha @anisakuci @IzabelaBakollari my proposal would be to avoid Sunday because based on previous events the participation is quite low.


They say that even 3-5 people are OK for a BSP (I cannot find the reference where I have seen this, but this page also has a hint: )

@anisakuci @IzabelaBakollari do you have any estimate on the number of participants yet?

Have you had any people confirm they will take the bus trip from Kosovo to come to Tirana?

Did you have any success contacting Debian people through IRC channels in Italy, Greece or Austria?

In some Debian events we ask people to put their names on the wiki page for the event, this is not essential but it can be helpful.

@IzabelaBakollari @anisakuci my flight is booked, I look forward to seeing you all at the BSP


I updated the information about the BSP on the Debian wiki

In particular, will there be any network switches, ethernet cables, power strips and extension cables for power? These can be useful if a lot of people bring laptops and if the wifi becomes overloaded. USB sticks are useful for people installing Debian and external hard disks are useful for making a backup before installation.

Is anybody interested in a social event on the Friday night for people arriving from outside Tirana?

Has there been any discussion of an agenda for the weekend? Here are some suggested topics:

  • installing Debian (people who want to do this start on Saturday morning in case it takes a long time)
  • Albanian translation and translation bugs
  • a presentation about the bug lifecycle
  • how to report and classify a bug in free/open source software
  • how to find out if somebody already fixed a bug in a new version
  • how to build a Debian package with a small bug fix
  • making an application for Google Summer of Code and Outreachy internships
  • future events, including OSCAL, DebConf18 and another event in Kosovo this year (a Mini-DebConf, BSP or hackathon again?)

Hello, this is Laura Arjona from Debian.
I cannot attend the BSP but I’ll do my best to follow it and be available on remote for people willing to contribute to Debian in the areas where I think I can help:

  • General info and welcoming to Debian (GSoC/Outreachy, DebConf, general questions about the community)
  • Translations (I’m Spanish translator but the workflow is usually the same for any language).
  • Bugs and improvements in the Debian website (including translations)
  • Contributing to the Debian publicity channels (the Debian Project News bulletin,,
  • internationalization issues (i18n) - not an expert but I can try to help

Now my questions: should I join any particular channel to be available for the people in the BSP? (I already created an account here in and I’m available in several Debian IRC channels, but maybe you’re using some other thing. I’m also available via XMPP).

Whishing the best for the BSP!


Welcome Laura, great to have you here and thanks for offering to help!

We have a public Telegram group, but since Telegram is not free software, our chat is also bridged with IRC #openlabsalbania on Freenode.

Is this the only Kosovo bug in Debian? Are there any other software applications in Debian that need to add Kosovo to their menu? This could be an interesting exercise for discussion at the BSP.


@pocock We have currently nearly 14-15 people coming from Kosova (already confirmed) and many locals that have attended our facebook event or registered in the form that we created.

@larjona Welcome and thank you for willing to help us during the event. :slight_smile:
It’s so nice to have you here.

There are few people interested to join the event virtually so there is an opportunity to have a JitsiMeet or maybe another video session but its not confirmed yet.
After consulting with the team I will update you!


If OL guys could find/arrange another place for the event, which provides all these facilities, it would be great. Because to my knowledge the OL hackerspace lacks even a good internet connection (I hope they have fixed it or will fix it soon).

How big should be the USB stiks? 4GB or 8GB? So that we inform the participants to have one available.

Instead of making a backup of the existing system, I would recommend a parallel installation, so that they can switch back to the old system whenever they need.

It would be nice to have a dinner together.

Could anybody estimate the number of people interested in different topics, for example, how many are interested in translation, how many are interested in web technologies, how many Python?

I usually suggest 8GB or bigger. The Debian DVD images can be just a little bit bigger than 4GB.

That may depend on the amount of free disk space, sometimes people have to remove things or they want to make a backup anyway before shrinking their Windows partition.

People can also run Debian in a virtual machine (e.g. VirtualBox) or with remote access to a server using SPICE or SSH

I don’t think that installation of Debian is possible, due to lack of good internet connection. Maybe we should ask people to install it at home, before coming to the event.

All the other suggested topics seem suitable to me. The problem is who is going to do these presentations/tutorials/training/workshops that are listed? Anyway, we can add them to the agenda now, and decide later who is going to do what.
Maybe @IzabelaBakollari or @anisakuci can add them to the agenda.

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It seems that there are:

  • 12 people with C/C+ knowledge
  • 07 people with Java
  • 11 people with Python
  • 05 people with Bash scripting
  • 10 people with Linux commands
  • 16 people with Translation skills
  • 12 people with Wikimedia skills
  • 08 people with web developments skills
  • 10 students
  • 06 people are participating online
  • 12 people need traveling and accommodation sponsorship

These results can be checked at the application form responses.

What is the current situation with the Internet connection?

People don’t have to install Debian at the event, but if they want to, I have some USB pen drives with the full Debian DVD image on them, this can install a working system without an Internet connection.

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JitsiMeet videocall if someone wants to join and help with anything :slight_smile:

We have lunch break 13:00-13:45, so we wont be online only during that time.

Here is information from the i18n team about translation

Here is information about translating Tails


I’ve just created the needed “skeleton” so the Debian website can be
translated to Albanian.

To avoid people dealing with CVS (since it’s old and we’re going to move
to git in the near future, in any case), I suggest that you download the
English source pages, translate them, review, and then, when they are
ready, send them to the mailing
list (I’m subscribed there), so I can pick the files and commit them in
CVS for you.

The english files you can find them browsing this tree:

The order of priority for translation, for now, you can use the Armenian
stats to get an idea (Albanian will be shown tomorrow):

And the subject of the mails sending files ready for upload can be:

[READY] wml://path/to/file

for example, when the homepage is ready, send a mail with subject:

[READY] wml://index.wml

and when the security/index page is ready, the mail would be:

[READY] wml://security/index.wml

This way it’s easy for me to know where to commit the files, even when I
don’t speak Albanian

Now, for the website we also use some .po files containing strings that
are shown in menus and many different web pages. These .po files are
here, ready for translation:

When you translate any of them and review it and it’s ready, please send
them to the debian-l10n-albanian mailing list with subject:

[READY] wml-po://name_of_file.sq.po

and I will commit them.

If I can be of any help, just ping me in IRC (#debian-i18n ) or in the
debian-l10n-albanian mailing list.

Have a nice BSP!