Debian Bug Squashing Party

Hi guys,

After the successful MiniDebConf in Prishtina, @pocock proposed to have a Debian Bug Squashing Party. The Open Labs community showed good programming skills at the last Debian Meetup in September.

What do you think?


Hey Iszabela good to see you are moving forward with your Debian contributions. Ca you please share more details about the activity? What is the setup, what is expected and proposed date and time.
Also, keep in mind that there should be at least one hackerspace member present during the event for logistical reasons (keys, making sure people clean up after etc). Thanks and good luck with your first event at the hackerspace.


Hi all,

A BSP is a gathering where Debian developers and contributors work together to fix as many bugs as possible.
I just wrote on Debian mailing list in the name of the Debian community in Tirana, where I invited Debian Developers to join the event. A good weekend would be 16-17 December. There are no other events in those days.

There are some members who already are contributors on Debian, I guess at least one of them will join the event. The BSP can be a good start for the ones (like me) who have just started their contributions in FLOSS and Debian.



Izabela pleae keep in mind that is it really important to have one at least one of the members to facilitate the process, basically to have the keys and making sure the place is clean after the event. I’ll probably be there but I’m not sure 100% due to many engagements I have at there period. Please @Members confirm if you can facilitate.


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I’d like to help with the event as I have already make some contributions to Debian. @IzabelaBakollari feel free to contact me :slight_smile:


Thank you Eva, will write you for more details.

Hey Bela did you invite Debian folks for specific dates? Because it’s better to coordinate with other members to ensure facilitation. It seems @evavranici offered to help, however you’d need also someone with key access.

I thought about it. Not necessarily. Worst case scenario, correct me if I am wrong, we can just ask for the key from any member (who has a key).

New members shouldn’t have keys, so you’d need one old member be there as well.

Clear. Let’s wait for another member (with a key).

@elioqoshi Can you please mention the members who have the keys? It is really important to confirm if is possible to use the Hackerspace in those days.

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Hello @IzabelaBakollari @evavranici ,
It’s great to see that you are organizing this event, I offer to help you with the key but I don’t know if I will be able to stay all the day 16 December but in 17 will be there all the day. Also I talked with @marianaballa and since she can have keys I will give mine to her.

Cheers :slight_smile:


Here is a list of things @evavranici and other members can help:

  1. Access at the Hackerspace - solved

  2. Internet connection both days

  3. Add the event at the activities page and create a wiki page for the event.

  4. Create a Facebook event

  5. Create a cover photo for the Facebook or send to me a sample that you use for other events

  6. Give us access to install Debian OS on the laptops of the Hackerspace. After the event we can install again Fedora or Ubuntu, at your preference. I offer to work with the installations at the moment I get permission.

I know it takes time, but I do not have access to finish these tasks myself.

Thanks a lot in advance,


Hey Izabela,

Thank you for initiating this.

I also have the keys of the hackerspace and so far I am planning to be there. I can also help you with anything you need to organize the event. The only issue is that at the moment there is no internet connection at the hackerspace, hope we can solve it till then.

We can further discuss about help you need in a private message and coordinate together.


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Hey @IzabelaBakollari ,

I want to ask if you are thinking to have only Debian installed or you will going to use virtualization or dual booting method in order to install debian?

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Hey @anisakuci can you give us details where can we reach you?


I understand most of you are busy this holiday period. I think it is better to postpone the event on February. For members who have time to help organising it, to-do list remains the same:



I recently received an email from @pocock where I saw that @silvi had proposed possible days for the event.

@dashohoxha. @anisakuci and @evavranici are also willing to help organising.

Please @silvi next time you propose days let us know because I have sent also an email at the debian mailing list and do not want to create confusion for debian developers that may consider coming.

This is the public discussion about the event and lets first write here all the suggestions we have.
It is good to see Debian community growing.



I never proposed anything to @pocock for a specific time or date for the meeting. It is something that I alone cannot do as I am not the right person to do nor someone that can decide this things because is the community that decides for stuff like this in an opensource community like Open Labs. My email to Daniel was to have a more detailed idea about the event and that’s all to that email. My involvement with this specific event has the sole purpose of creating a technical community about Debian here in Albania. I am sorry if you might
have misunderstood my emails with Daniel but I never did nor will propose a date for an event like this when it is not really my place to do it.
Anyways if there are still unclear things about the email problem I do not have any problems at all sharing screenshots of my email with Daniel to clarify things(the relevant part for this misunderstanding of course)

Feel free to share any idea you have. The more the merrier!

Personally I am very interested on creating a Debian community in Tirana. I have seen that Debian contributors are more oriented on solving technical problems - where I find myself.

We are all part of the community.