Debian BSP

As a followup to the last meeting, we have prepared this application form that should be distributed (by email or other means) to the people that might be interested to participate:

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What have you thought regarding virtual participation? Via Skype? Or are you going to keep it only reallife since there is nothing mentioned in the form to be completed?

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Good point. It never occurred to me. Maybe we should add a field on the form where people can say that they wish to participate online.

Usually Debian community prefers IRC for online communication, but maybe we can use some other means too (hey we live in the time of smartphones!).

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List of applicants:

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Dashamir, is there a way of not showing the emails?


I tried hiding the column and it seems to work.

Thank you.
@infra can we add the Debian logo on the homepage of our wiki?

R. S

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The quoted text in the top of this thread mentions the weekend 24-25 February but after following the link it says 3-4 March. The post on debian-project also mentions 3-4 March. Can somebody please confirm the date and fix the post at the top of this thread if necessary?

It appears there is also discussion in another thread here, is there any way to lock this thread so people just use the other one or vice-versa?

Hi Daniel,

The Bug Squashing Party will be on the weekend of 3-4 March.

I don’t know if is possible to merge two discussions at one.