Data Music analyzing project at the end of April

It looks like 20 April would be a good day for me to go to Tirana. Wanna hear about my data music some day around then? I know enough Albanian to talk about my data music for five minutes (and not enough to do much else).


Hey Tom,

I moved this to the English category for said reason.

That definitely sounds interesting and we would be happy to host a small workshop at the hackerspace. This seems to be a quite advanced topic, so we might want to keep that in mind.|

When will you be in Albania? As I saw you are coming for OSCAL’17 as well.

Looking forward!

Hey @tlevine, great to hear you will be back in town. Please add the event here: For weekdays I would propose to start it at 17.00.

Once you have added the proposed time and date please let us know here.

Many thanks.


I can’t do an advanced workshop, only five minutes talk. So it would have to be part of something else.

I’m in Prishtina, and I’m thinking about going away and coming back around April 20, so I could fly to Tirana instead of Prishtina. We could also do this some other time instead.

If it is about data I’m planning to host a datathon in late April and this could be part of it. Or not?