Cryptoparty Day @ Openlabs sept 2017

Hi All,

Had a great time last weekend at OSCAL, many thanks to all who worked so hard to make it happen!

I discussed with several Openlabs members the possibility to do a one-day cryptoparty after the summer break. My summerbreak usually ends early sept but I understand that in Albania early September would not be the best time. I’m happy to clear a weekend late September or early October of that works better. The nice thing about a full-day cryptofest is that you can help a lot more people go much further. Usually if only 2-3 hours are available there is not enough time to explain basic security concepts, discuss implications with people and then do some software installing.

Would love to hear:

  • what would be needed (logistics, location, PR/marketing)
  • who would be able to help out
  • what would be a good date so we can get started on planning

If there is an option to do a guestlecture at the University of Tirana that would be awesome & fun to do as well.

Looking forward to visiting Tirana in the fall!

Arjen - - @ArjenKamphuis
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Hey Arjen,

It was a pleasure to have you at OSCAL. I really enjoyed your cryptoparty and its so great we’re gonna have another one for a full day!

I think Open Labs Hackerspace is a great location for the event, and we can use the same resources to promote it as with the other local events: forum, social networks, and maybe also contact some local portals to share the news. I am willing to help organizing the event.

A guest lecture also sounds a good idea, the only problem I see is that the universities usually start in late October, so that would depend on the date of the event if it’s doable or not.

Thank you so much and see you again in Tirana :slight_smile:


Hi Arjen, All,

Still thinking about your presentation last week.

Really sad I missed the crypto workshop, and looking very forward to the full day Cryptoparty!

Best Regards from Tirana,



Dear @Yeti many thanks for following up with this and offering to organize another Cryptoparty in Tirana. Before talking about venue and other logistics it is important to know if there is a limit on the number of people participating in the event and if this can be done only with participants using their own computers.
I will definitely help you out with the logistics, promotion and potential partnerships with the university or other entities. There are many of us interested in this and your knowledge would be really helpful.

Let’s do this!


Hi @rskikuli, there is no minimum/maximum size or duration to a cryptoparty. In 2013 I did a 600 person Cryptofest in London at Goldsmiths University (it lasted from 10:00 to 19:00). There have been 3000+ ppl cryptoparties in Brazil.

The important thing is a ‘teacher’-‘student’ ratio of no more than 1:8 orso for the hands-on part. In this context the ‘teacher’ is anyone who is capable of walking ‘students’ through the setup of the various applications such as GPG/Thunderbird/Enigmail, TOR-browsers, VeraCrypt and OTR/Pidgin. Detailed instructions on this can be found here:

I’m going to assume quite a few of the members of Openlabs could fill the ‘teacher’ role given the level of technical understanding I’ve seen during OSCAL. And that we could also train more volunteers for this over time.

Usually a cryptoparty will begin with a lecture on basic theory (why, what, how) and some discussion on the implications of all we have learned since 2013 about our digital environment. After that the rest of the day is used for getting hands-on with the software, ideally on computers people will take home with them afterward.

If many participants do not have portable computers perhaps we can set them up with configured environments on USB-TAILS drives. This will allow them to use other PC’s to run their own, safe, platform that is fully configured with encrypted email, TOR-browser, encrypted chat and encrypted file-storage. An 8 gig USB-drive will work for this although a slightly bigger size can be convenient (TAILS will take 4 gigs of space and whatever remains is used for email/documents/bookmarks and so forth. It would be best if people bought (cash only, no only ordering) their own USB_drives so we put the trust-point with them.

RaspberryPi’s with a 16-64Gig memorycard can also be an affordable alternative if laptops are too expensive. We can hook them up to available keyboards/screens and afterward people can take them home to keep them safe (and hook them up there to keyboard/screen of they have one with a fixed PC). Cases for these can be 3D-printed locally and they only cost 25 Euro’s a pop. I can bring 20 orso if that is helpful.

Also looking into the possibilities of collecting used laptops from Dutch hackerspaces for free and bringing a box with me (I can upscale my luggage to 50 KG - about 20 laptops + the weight of the container).I realise 20 laptops does not solve the entire problem but we have to start somewhere.

So to return to your original question: how many? I don’t know. If Openlabs can partner with Tirana University and go big with a party at the start of the academic year. But if the Openlabs community is more comfortable starting small that may be a wise decision as well. Most of the hard work of making such a thing happen will have to be done locally so it needs to be something the local community is happy doing.

Is there a big summer break like in France? When does it start? Happy to drop by for a long weekend late June or early July to do some brainstorming (or even a mini-cryptoparty as a practice-run) if that makes sense.

Best to everyone there. You are all awesome!

ps: whenever I talk about bringing stuff: it is to donate, not to sell since that would not make any sense to me.

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@Yeti have you seen the PGP/PKI clean room project and do you think this could become part of the cryptoparty at some point?

We have previously had an Outreachy intern working on it, it could also be a good theme for another Hackathon.

In any case, would it be feasible for the cryptoparty to take place some weeks before the next Outreachy application deadline? Then it could be a good opportunity for potential interns to be set up with PGP and get to know more people in the community.

Hi @pocock, Clean Room could be a part, although we’d have to loot at media. Optical-drives are going out of fashion as I see it. Also, making such media requires a lot of thought on the operational security and build-method of the system being used. No sense making a ‘clean room’ on an insecure system with a proprietary BIOS, active AMT and (shudder) proprietary software on it. So for a bootable thing resulting from a project to make any operational sense it will have to come with an rather extensive opsec manual that will have to be followed religiously for any of it to matter. Not easy but great of we can make that. Look forward to hearing your thoughts on secure media post-optical-drive.

Re: timing ; My idea was to do a big cryptoparty at the beginning of the academic year in Tirana. But the Openlabs community should decide if that is a good idea or not. It’s their party after all, I’m just helping out a bit.

We could also do something smaller before the summer break. Could do one either on 24/25th of June or 8/9th july if anyone is still around then (again: I don’t know). I can fly in around either of those weekends.

Hi @yeti, thanks for that feedback, we had similar queries in the session about the clean room at Mini DebConf Cambridge last year. If you’d like to propose any ideas could you do that through the mailing list and adding to the wiki so we keep track of them?

For example, detecting AMT and displaying a warning at startup would be an interesting feature request.

For the cryptoparty and Open Labs, I’d also hope to help out, especially if it coincides with other travel plans or activities, I’ll wait until seeing the Open Labs response about timing before I can say any more.

So as I understand the Academic year only starts in October but we could do a cryptoparty on the 23rd or 30th of September. I can do either of those dates. Any suggestions on what is the best timing welcome, I have no local knowledge :wink:
Best, Arjen

Hello @Yeti,

Once again thank you so much for offering to be part of this, we are all very excited, especially the organizers of OSCAL who couldn’t attend your cryptoparty during the conference, but also all the other members. We are for sure going to organize it. :smile:

As we are having a meeting on 3rd of June where among other things we are also going to discuss the logistics of the cryptoparty: the size of the event, the venue and also the timing, we would really appreciate if you could wait until then for a final answer with the decisions about this. We need to check a few details, if we are going to have a small cryptofest with local people then Open Labs Hackerspace would work fine as a venue as well as any date by the end of September (personally I’m up for 30th of September), on the other hand if we are going to organize something way much bigger, this takes more thought on the stuff like the venue, promotion and timing. The academic year in the University of Tirana starts by mid or late October, so that would also depend on you if you could join then.

As I also mentioned above I am willing to help organizing the whole thing so I will keep you updated with all the details.

Once again thank you so much for offering to do this :slight_smile:


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Hi @silva.arapi ,
My suggested dates were just that, a suggestion and a question on what would work best. Let me know what comes out of the meeting on the 3rd and we’ll take it from there.

Thanks @Yeti for bringing this up! I’d be happy to help with the efforts and organizing. I’d suggest to start small to medium for the Crypto Party (20-40 people?). We can do it at the same venue as OSCAL (Oficina) if we agree on that, or Open Labs for a smaller one. End of September sounds good. Let’s get back to this after our Members meeting on Saturday. Great to see this happening!

Hello @Yeti, all,

We discussed about this during the Saturday meeting and decided to proceed with the Cryptoparty on the 30th of September. Since its the end of the month most of the students and other people are back in the city after the summer break. We think an event with 30-40 people would be fine for this one so Officina would be great as a venue (also Protik is a second option).

@elioqoshi, @kominoshja, @Augest, @jonaazizaj and me will be helping to organize the event, so we will start working on this.

Let me know of anything!


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Hi @silva.arapi , all,
Thanks for taking this on! Will block dates around weekend of Sept. 30th. Looking forward.

Thanks @silva.arapi for taking the initiative. Let’s talk more next week in person.

@silva.arapi thanks for confirming this, I’ve posted it on debian-events-eu to see if anybody wants to come along.

It is also very close to the Outreachy application deadline so it would be particularly relevant for anybody who wants to do an Outreachy project relating to privacy and crypto to meet with potential mentors (see my earlier comment about our previous Outreachy project on PKI / PGP clean room for Debian)


Hey @pocock thank you so much, sounds awesome :slight_smile: It would be great if some of you would join us for the Cryptoparty.

Also the project on PKI / PGP clean room for Debian sounds very interesting, I would like to discuss it further with you :slight_smile:

Hi guys,

The registration option is inactive on Eventyay. Can someone look at it?
Also, is it possible to put the link on the Facebook event?


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Why register for a cryptoparty? Doesn’t it definite the purpose?


Izabela Bakollari:

On Wiki page for the Crytoparty it is mentioned that participants must register for the event.

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