CrowdSec talk/workshop at Open Labs on May 19

Hi there!

I’m Klaus, head of community at CrowdSec.

Some of you may have heard of me and CrowdSec before as I spoke at BSides Prishtina last weekend. It was a really good experience. I enjoyed very much to learn more about the Albanian open source and security community and talking to all the friendly people I met there. So I decided to do it again…

I will be visiting Tirana later this month as I will be speaking at BSides Tirana. I plan to come a few days earlier to visit your cool hackerspace and do a workshop on CrowdSec (which is more than I will be doing at BSides where I will ‘just’ be talking). So if you’re interested in CrowdSec and want to get to know more about it, this is a good opportunity.

I plan to visit Open Labs on May 19 and start the workshop around 18-18.30 (when exactly will be determined soon in collaboration with the Open Labs organizers.

At the workshop I will be talking about the basics of CrowdSec which is a FOSS IDS/IPS; why it was started and which challenges it looks to fight and how it works. Every attendee will be getting two VPS servers where we will install the CrowdSec agent and the NGINX bouncer which we will configure to protect our website using Google reCAPTCHA. We will also look at observability using Metabase and the free-to-use CrowdSec web based console. Every attendee much have their own computer with ssh and know their way around Linux and basic stuff as file editing (or form a two person team with someone who does).

What do you think? Are you interested in joining?


Hi Klaus,

I think this is great and will be participating in the workshop.

Usually 18:30 works best for people who work until 18:00, but that’s up to you again :slight_smile:

Also I would like to add that for the attendees which do not have it possible to bring their own computer, we can help them with the computers that we have at the hackerspace (most of them have Ubuntu installed but also openSUSE and Fedora, so they can choose what they feel more comfortable using).



That sounds cool. Any computer with ssh and a web browser will do in terms of the workshop.

Let’s do it at 18.30 if that’s best for people. Will there be a signup somewhere so I’ll know how many are expected? That would be great for my planning (knowing in advance how many vps to spin up)

Hi everyone,

the workshop has been promoted on social media channels. Registration link:

Hey Klaus, it is great having you with us for this workshop but i was wondering what do you think about ?

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Hi Irdi

I don’t know much about the privacy aspect of reCAPTCHA but I do think that it’s great that Google - and anyone else - are working on making CAPTCHA challenges harder for bots to beat and a better experience for users.

Thats great actually but i would totally prefer a more privacy oriented solution. Hopefully there will be alternatives to google’s reCaptcha if there are not already.

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Could you send me the number of attendees around 1600 this afternoon? Also where can I post a list of ips that the attendees should connect to (I am setting up two vps for each). Thanks!

Hi Klaus! So far we have 9 registered attendees.

Hey, that’s cool. I arrive at around 18.00. We then need to find a way to send the list of ips to the attendees.

See you!

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