#CompletetheMap Challenges: Tirana

Hey OSM folks @anisakuci9 @Augest @diskmanti @Amarildo and others did you know about #CompletetheMap Challenges from Mapillary?

We’re running challenges around the world to create fresh coverage in selected locations and explore the potential for targeted image collection. The goal is to complete the map.
… With the basic idea and structure in place, we began experimenting with a grid, working out ways in which we can track progress throughout the challenge. The idea of zones seemed very compelling, the intention being to start with an incomplete map that contributors could cover, unlocking zones as they do so. The grid would start out red, representing incomplete coverage. This would transition to orange as progress improved with green the ultimate goal—a complete zone.
Full blog post about the initiative here: http://blog.mapillary.com/community/2017/06/29/completethemap-challenges.html

We could do the small ring of Tirana in September (now it is too hot)? What do you think? Thoughts? Dates?


Forgot to tell you that we can nominate Tirana as the next city: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdQe3TmJ_qQoFy8yDFCVnz9dsZpsWXgQ-OW7mZ6HAagKOfdgA/viewform


I agree, but Tirana looks kinda nice on OSM. I suggest to nominate another city, something that has way less data

Something like Burrel?


Hahahahha Burrel is a nice idea, but I was thinking about something that is more popular. Something like Vlora or Kruja

@diskmanti there are many of us located in Tirana and not at all contributors in other cities… This means we could nominate Vlore, bu there will not be contributions there… Keep in mind that we are talking about Mapillary contributions and in Tirana are only a few photos and a lot of potential as well. Having said this I don’t see why not start from Tirana.


Well that puts the nail on the coffin. I think you are right, so let’s get started :smile:

What about the others? @anisakuci9 @Sidorela are you into this?