Coming to Labs on Saturday

hi. Adam here from Coko and Open Publishing Awards, FLOSS Manuals, Paged.js etc

I’ve been in contact with Redon and he suggested I come to the hackerspace this saturday around 1330 to meet folks and talk a little about the work I’m involved with. I hope some of you might turn up :slight_smile: would be great to meet you



Hi Adam,

Welcome in Tirana :slight_smile: I’ll be at the hackerspace on Saturday too. Looking forward meeting you.


Hello Adam, I also will be tomorrow at hackerspace.
See you soon…

hi Marianna,

Looking forward to meeting you :slight_smile: Hopefully we can tempt so others to come also. In the meantime I have to go hire a car to drive to Tirana. See you tomorrow!


hi Eraldguri,

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow!


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