Collaborative Project

Hi All,

It’s a lot of time since i last participate on Open Labs list/forum, but i am back (XDDD) with a new proposal. Find a need on Tirana (or Albania) and create an open source solution for it (a service or/and hardware).

An Open services (banks, pharmacy,…) DDBB, a Open weather tracking system, Open Jobs Database,… etc that is not covered by any other open source project.

The idea sould be use Heroku like solutions (works like a git repo) to host the service (we can use django + MongoDB) and in case we need to create a hardware solution we can design it with solutions like (it is not open but supports colaborative) and build our won PCBs on cheap sites like

if someone is interested we can make a team, and make a call for ideas.



My first proposal:

  • Open Audioguide Database: An open database we can add POIs with turistic information, like the Audioguides you get in turistic places. Multilingual text and audio can be added to every POI. Also the ability to add fencing system to trigger the POI for automatic playback. (bluetooth beacon, wifi beacon…). For the playback the user should use the mobile phone so we should create a mobile aplication. The idea would be to start with Tirana and arrounds (Kruja, Durres…)

Project involves:

  • Web service
  • Mobile Phone Application
  • Low Poweer Bluetooth Beacon hardware
  • Beacon Case for Outdoor (3D printing)
  • Content Generation
  • Graphic Design


  • Possible integration with Wikipedia, OSM or CityZen



Hello @iker,

That project really seems interesting !

I’m a board member of OpenStreetMap Belgium (and hopefully soon a member of OpenLabs - fingers crossed :blush:).
I would like to be part of that project ; especially the integration with OSM of course :slight_smile:
I’m a web developer ; but I know nothing about mobile application.

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That would be awesome, especially not that I’m heavily involved with CityZen project. Count me in! Just define a date and time so that we start promoting the event on other communication channels.


The idea would be to work remotely, and maybe later make presential workshops to build hardware o generate content.

Some people can work on web services, other in Mobile App development and other in hardware if necessary. (first approach can be fencing using mobile GPS).

Let´s wait if more people is interested and later we can start thinking about how to share the work.

Also if we have a contact with Wikimedia, could be fine to know how this could fit with current Wikimedia roadmap (WikiData and Wikivoyage), Maybe there is no need to develop to much software, only tune a mediawiki for our purposes.

For example in Tirana:

The POI of National Art Gallery of Albania

So, maybe the solution is a WikiAudioGuide?? linked with other wiki services… with a custom rest api for Mobile Apps…