Coffee meetup: Let's talk about neuroscience!


Po mendoja te organizoja nje coffee meetup: “The Spongy Brain” (Sfungjeri Tru), ne formen e nje eksplorimi te literatures dhe temave te lidhura me neuroscience. Kam disa ide qe mund te jene interesante, dhe per personat qe kane interes apo kuriozitet mund te jete nje nisje.

Mendoj se java tjeter do te ishte e pershtatshme per nje takim - nese mund te perdorim OpenLabs. Sygjerimi per kohen eshte e enjte, ora 6.30pm.

Hey there,

I am planning to organize a coffee meetup called: “The Spongy Brain”, as a way to check the literature and topics related to neuroscience. I have some ideas that might be interesting, and for people who have interest or curiosity might be a good starting point.

I was thinking about next week as a first meeting - if we could use OpenLabs. About the time, how about Thursday 6.30pm?


The code and presentation for the meeting on Thursday will be found at this Github repo:

If you are interested in a topic you can open an issue or write to me directly!

@pomodoro për pak po bë gati postimin për eventin :raised_hands:t3:

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Hey Doren, by next Thursday do you mean 19th or 26th?

@kominoshja I was thinking for this week, 19th - if that is alright.
I forgot to specify - so yes - 19th Thursday, 6.30pm.

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