Coffee Meetup: Let's talk about graphs in the open ecosystem!

Hey there!

There is the topic of graphs (networks) :diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: I wanted to touch, in the context of open-data and open-source. So I was thinking to have a coffee meetup and get a taste of them. :shallow_pan_of_food:

Ideas to be treated:
:zap: What is a simple graph?
:zap: How graphs build OSM networks?
:zap: How graphs build wikipedia knowledge?
:zap: Graphs and open neuropsychology
:zap: Graphs and open biomedicine
:zap: Graphs and AI

Let me know whether there is some interest - we can do it mid or end-October :slight_smile:


Count me in.


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Edhe une jam

Joining too!

@pomodoro When you decide the date let us know! <3

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