Co-working and startup possibilities in Tirana

Can anybody comment on possibilities for co-working and startups in Tirana?

As more people from abroad come to visit Open Labs events, they may be interested in various things:

  • hiring remote workers who would be based at home, co-working offices or a larger hackerspace in future
  • a short stay (e.g. 1-3 months) where they work remotely in Tirana (many developers and freelancers already have flexible working arrangements that would allow this)
  • starting a team or funding a start-up based in Tirana

Some of the questions people would have:

  • are there co-working centers, affordable serviced offices, innovation centers and other locations that may be suitable?
  • how much it costs to get a furnished apartment for short stays (e.g. weekly or monthly prices)
  • how easy is it to get VoIP phone numbers (a list of SIP companies in Albania?)
  • how easy is it to get a bank account?
  • what are the options for Internet access, for example, is there gigabit fibre in the city center?

Open Labs could potentially do some of the following to enable such opportunities:

  • keeping a wiki page with some of this information
  • talking to local trade and investment bodies or the innovation center to see if they would put on a reception for international guests who come to OSCAL
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This might be similar or opposite from what @pocock is asking, but I think having some sort of documented information (or at least “talking points”) for others about the possibility of hiring remote workers that are based in Tirana would be helpful. I think a lot of this information is available online, so if a wiki page could aggregate it / point people to the right places, I think it could be helpful for companies to know when they visit during a time like OSCAL, for instance. :smile:

I would definitely be cautious of spending too much time trying to write it all up in your own wiki, though – I think it would be more efficient and easily maintainable for a lot of these things if a wiki page could point to other reputable sources for this information. This way, data rot will be less of a concern and you won’t have someone use it for information that could be outdated if someone forgets to update the wiki page after a few months.

That is what I had in mind when suggesting a wiki page - just a well organized list of links to help people get started, but curated to include resources that will be most relevant for the type of visitors that would work with Open Labs people.

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