Cloud, Serverless & DevOps Conference Tirane 24 September

(Zamira Jaupaj) #1

on 24 September I organized the second event about the technology, artificial intelligence, interactive communication with Alexa. will present one of the aws architects in the world who gave the biggest contribution to the serverless framework.
We need a place where we can organize this event.
Can you help me find a place?
Thank you
Zamira Jaupaj

(Redon Skikuli) #2

Zamira përshëndetje,
apologies for the late reply on this. We had a chat with the members about the event and unfortunately we will not be able to proceed. The main reasons as expressed by community members are related to the fact that we are open to any collaboration and event for as long as it is related to free open source software (free as in the freedom offered to the users/people not financial price), open data, online privacy and digital public domain. Most important our community promotes ethical tech as it is expressed at every instance. We are concerned about the reports about the treatment of workers at Amazon, the overwhelming concentration of capital generated from tech products and services, censorship, privacy concerns and continuous promotion of proprietary formats to mention a few.
I wanted to add that we always talk a lot inside the community before taking decisions related to third parties and we are always careful to be fair but most important close to the values of our community.
In any case thank you for reaching out to us. You are more than welcome to join us at the hackerspace to talk about these issues that we are concerned about and explain our credo-s.


(Zamira Jaupaj) #3

Dear Redon,
thank you very much that you have updated me, it’s not a problem.
I invite you and everyone participating in this group at our event, there is always something new to learn.
We talk about Intelligence artificial, Serverless which are the last most used technologies in the world.

thank you for your time
Zamira Jaupaj