Chaos Communication Congress 2021 is cancelled and a message for hackerspaces

Here is the announcement, with a lot of thoughts and inspiration on what hackerspaces can do and their role in these weird time: CCC Event Blog

Last week we had to announce the decision to cancel this year’s congress. Alas, we don’t want to leave you alone at the end of the year and come back to our experiences and wonderful moments of last year’s rC3.

What can I expect?

Many crews worked on their own tools during the course of the year to optimize the interaction between WorkAdventure and the platform. We also have many ideas for the design of the 2D world – but it needs you to come alive.

Furthermore, we want to come back to our idea of having smaller, local events in your own hackspaces. This includes the joint programme with talks, workshops, art and music, which you can also enjoy in your own living room.

What can I do?

Build your own worlds. Be creative. We have seen how full of ideas you are and we are pretty confident there’s even more that can be done.

Transform your hackspace to become a stage and a place to go for those searching for company.

Consider preparing workshops, talks or creative contributions for the programm.

When and where?

December 27-30 online and in your local hackspace following the given conditions.

What’s next?

Crews are just getting started to work on the details. We need a bit of time until we can tell you about them.


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