About Balkan FLOSStival:

Balkan FLOSStival is the gathering of Balkan-based hacktivists and contributors in the areas of free open source software/hardware, online privacy & freedom of expression, open knowledge and open data.

The online virtual event will be featuring diverse formats including, but not limited to workshops, presentations, late night fire-chat talks and basically any format that you, the participants, bring in the table. Individuals, organizations, universities, public-funded institutions and companies are invited to join forces with us and keep spreading awareness and knowledge for all!
This event is brought to you by Open Labs in partnership with fossaegean, GFOSS, FLOSSK, GreekLUG & SHARE Foundation.


Call for proposals

We would like to invite developers, speakers and promoters of the FLOSS ecosystem to submit proposals. The applicants for who want to pitch at Balkan FLOSStival must be aware that the topic must be related to:

  • open knowledge,
  • open source software and/or hardware,
  • software freedom, online privacy,
  • open source during COVID-19 crisis,
  • generally open culture

Almost all sessions will be held in English. Proposals should also be submitted in English. You are free to propose more than one session, in a separate submission.

If you don’t wish to create an account on Eventyay, feel free to shoot us an email at


Just a reminder that the deadline for submitting a talk/workshop is just hours away:


Congratulations to all the organizers. It was a really nice and well organized event (given also the short time for preparations). I enjoyed the presentations and I am looking forward for the recordings, because I missed a couple of them that I would like to see.

From the presentations of the organizations I liked the most GFOSS (from Greece). They are doing an amazing work and I could recommend it as an example to any organization.

It was also nice to see that Turkey is taking a systematic approach to supporting Open Source (having a national strategy that is supported by the government and the academic institutions), although I wish we had more presentations from Turkey.

I have studied in Turkey (25-20 years ago) and I know that Free Software is well established in Turkish universities. We were using GNU tools and other free software all the time, everywhere, for everything (for example vim, gcc, lex, yacc, OpenGL, etc.) I remember that Richard Stallman had a meeting on the campus and I went there. I didn’t know who he was, but the announcement mentioned that he was the guy who developed gcc (that we were using all the time for our projects and homeworks) and this got me interested. I also remember attending an event where a couple of guys showed how to install and use Slackware (they used a floppy disk for that, if anybody still remembers what this is). Until then I had never heard about Linux. We only had Unix workstations in the labs (AIX, HP UNIX, SUN Solaris, etc.) and I also had installed MINIX on my PC. By the end of the school I was already a Free Software supporter and developer. I even published my graduation project with GPL (I still have the code:

Sorry for going out of topic, but when I remember my school time I get nostalgic.

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Thanks for the kind words Dashamir! It was a pleasure as well for us having you last weekend!

Looking forward to more of this!