Books Donation in Open Labs


Hope everyone is having a good time.
Daniel Pocock (@pocock) donated 2 books to Open Labs.
The books are about learning german language for beginners. Based on his conversation with other members he found out that a lot of people want to study abroad and these books might help them.
I will give one to @kominoshja since he was interested on it, and I will leave the other one at our hackerspace.

On behalf of Open Labs members
Thank you very much for supporting us :smiley:


Moving this to public english

Also, thanks a lot @kristiprogri & @pocock. I appreciate it!:balloon:

Someone interested by learning French ? :stuck_out_tongue:

There is a French book from the same publisher, I used it myself and it is very good.

There has been a lot of attention recently on how the German education system welcomes international students, even giving them a living allowance. Americans even go there to seek asylum from their controversial system of student loans. Do any French speaking countries offer similar access to higher education?

Maybe this would be another good topic for a wiki page, briefly giving people links to the education options in each major country, especially links to the universities where free software is used and/or communities similar to Open Labs exist?

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Now we have it at the hackerspace @jbelien. Another reason now to come by :stuck_out_tongue: