Best of 2018: Ansible how-to articles


(Justin W. Flory) #1

Hi all. I thought some people might be interested to see’s top how-to articles about Ansible from 2018 for learning more about how to use configuration management tools. Check it out below:

(Silva Arapi) #2

Thanks for sharing this @jflory

@jorb you might like to check this out :smiley:

(Jor Bashllari) #3

Thanks guys, I did find it more helpful to use alpine Linux and the other distro playbooks as base examples, but this collection seems quite useful. Will look into it after I understand what changes from the defaults have been made in each server.

(Redon Skikuli) #4

Thank you for sharing Justin!


(Xheni Myrtaj) #5

Thanks for sharing this @jflory :slight_smile: