Balkan Computer Congress is an annual three days gathering of the international hacker community in the organization of LUGoNS – Linux Users Group of Novi Sad. The first part of the program has been envisaged to be a set of presentations, workshops and lectures on the current topics regarding privacy, technology, software development, free software & socio-political issues. Hands-on projects and hacking have been planned for the second part of the program.

Their goal is to gather all the communities from the region, continent and the World in an effort to hack, play, learn, pass knowledge and exchange experience. BalCCon aims to become the central hacker community in South East Balkan, as well as to provide an opportunity for all people in this part of Europe to connect and to cooperate. Having said that, we would like to invite you to make and send us proposals for talks, lectures and workshops on all topics of relevance. Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

  • Hardware: Hacking, Making, Electronics, Lock Picking…
  • Software: Programming, A.I., F.O.S.S., Demo scene, preservation
  • Embedded Systems and Software
  • Security : Reverse engineering, vulndev, malware analysis and new trends in malicious codes, penetration testing and security assessment
  • Low-level hacking (console security & mobile devices)
  • Biometrics Technologies Indexing and Query Processing for Moving Object
  • Networks / Telecommunication: Internet, Alternative networks, Wireless Communications, GSM, HAM Radio…
  • Privacy: Tor,Darknets, Crypto, LPM, LOPPSI, HADOPI, - Industrial espionage, cyberwar
  • Legal, Political and Social: Hacker Ethics, Forensics, Censorship, Politics, Hackerspaces/Communities, Psychology…
  • Science: DIY science, citizen scitents, emerging research, novel uses of technology, crowd-sourcing for science…
  • Arts And Crafts: LASERs!!!, music, wearable electronics, artisan crafts, retro gaming, food, brewing, fermentation …

And any other topic we might have missed but you think might be interesting!

When: 15|16|17 September 2017
Where: Novi Sad, Vojvodina, Serbia
Submission deadline: July 1st, 2017 (23:59 UTC)

It’s a very interesting event I’ve been in the second edition as a speaker.

It is supported by the Wau Holland Foundation, some of their members organize/support CCC in Hamburg.

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Thanks girls, I just submitted a session, let’s see :slight_smile:

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