Arjen Kamphuis

Hi everybody,

It was a great privilege to meet Arjen Kamphuis through Open Labs and it
is incredibly sad to hear of his disappearance.

Arjen and I first met at OSCAL 2017. We were both looking for the
restaurant of Anisa’s parents and we found each other going in opposite
directions. Then we found the restaurant together (and with a little
help from OpenStreetmap).

Arjen was the driving force behind the Tirana Cryptoparty in 2017. When
I heard about it, I really wanted to come back Tirana, and I did. It
was a huge success.

One of my last encounters with Arjen was at the end of the talk Enkelena
and I gave at OSCAL 2018. Arjen joined the discussion at the end of our
talk. Arjen himself had delivered his presentation from the same podium
earlier in the conference.

I notice there are many photos on Wikimedia Commons demonstrating
Arjen’s engagement with Open Labs at those three events.

Is there any way to make photos of Arjen’s participation easier to find
with tags or categories?

Do people have other photos or video of Arjen that they could share?

Has anybody had any contact with his family or close friends or can
anybody comment on how to send them messages of support at this time?

I would like to encourage people to publicly record experiences of
interacting with Arjen and his generosity to the community.



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