Albanian Government Proposes Law Granting Police Unchecked Surveillance Powers

The Albanian government has proposed changes to legislation on state police that would allow the police to wiretap, track, photograph, and surveil citizens without a warrant from the prosecution office.

Draft of the law in Albanian:

Full article about this:


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I don’t see any “unchecked surveillance powers”, at least not in the draft that you have published.

Besides, investigative journalists do surveillance all the time. I don’t know if the law permits them to do it or they do it because they think they have the right to do anything, but we all agree that it is useful in uncovering corruption and crimes.
If the journalists can do it, why not the criminal police?

I did not comment Dashamir, just quoted the article and shared the link :slight_smile:


Any news on this?
I tried reading the draft but I missed too many words to fully understand the text.

It is difficult even for a native speaker (like me) to understand this kind of text. Besides, it is like a “patch” to some previous rules, so maybe one needs to read the whole in order to understand it correctly.

But as far as I can understand, it says that in order to uncover or prevent crime, police can use hidden mikes and cameras, can take pictures or audio/video records, or can put under surveillance suspected people. In order to do this they need a permission from their supervisors. The rules about when this surveillance is allowed are decided by the Committee for Preventing and Fighting Organized Crime.

This committee is headed by the Minister of Interior, and includes the Minister of Justice, Minister of Finance and Economy, General Prosecutor, the head of SPAK (Special Prosecution Against Corruption and Organized Crime), the head of Intelligence Service, a couple of policy directors for the sectors of fighting against terrorism, against money laundering, etc.

The surveillance for a certain subject cannot last for more than 3 months. In special cases, with permission from the committee, it can be extended for 3 more months.

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I agree, it is very unfair to Albanian police. What you describe sounds exactly like the job description for a Google or Facebook employee, but the Albanian policeman won’t get paid as much.

It sounds to me like giving too many liberties with easy to sort checks. But maybe it’s just that I don’t know how the system works in Albania, so please take my words with a pinch of salt.