Albania visit in July before or after Kotor?

Hi all,

I’m looking at my travel plans for the Digital Born Media Carnival on 14-18 July in Kotor.

I would like to bring a few things for the hackerspace and I could travel through Albania if anybody is around in the week before or after the carnival. In particular, I would be interested in meeting anybody who wants to have further discussion about Outreachy (@silva.arapi @kristiprogri) or any of the other things related to Debian, ham radio/SDR (@Augest @Bela) and other opportunities for collaboration and supporting Open Labs.



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It is great to see you are planning to be back in town @pocock. Any support for the hackerspace is always highly appreciated. Personally I’m really interested in the ham radio/SDR discussion since I missed your workshop during OSCAL. I’m quite sure there is a lot of interest also for Outreachy as well. Just let us know what you need from our side. We would be happy to host you.

BTW we are planning to clebrate our 5th anniversary in July 22nd, maybe join us? :wink: