Albania ham radio / crowdfunding questions

Hi everybody,

I recently started a crowdfunding campaign[1] to help get equipment for
the ham radio demo at OSCAL but also for future events.

I’ve had some questions from people:

  • does Open Labs or anybody else in the region have any other events
    through the year where you would use things like the battery or antenna
    mast? Other people may want to visit these too.

  • is there a radio club in Tirana and do they have a space or can they
    meet in the hackerspace?

  • what are the prices of batteries like this in Tirana? For example,
    Varta LA60 or Varta LA105

If anybody else wants to help the crowdfunding, the best thing to do is
tell people about the blogs[1]

I’m hoping that if enough funds are raised to buy more than just one
battery, we can divide any equipment between groups in both Albania and
Kosovo so this will help Open Labs but it isn’t exclusively for Open
Labs. It is also a good incentive for people in more than one place to
help promote the campaign and give it critical mass.




Daniel hi, please specify the form of usage of the materials from Open Labs hackerspace. What is your proposal on the management of the hardware? What level of engagement from one or more members is required and who is responsible if something happens to the hardware.
Regarding the usage of the ‘Piramida’ for the antenna during OSCAL as mentioned in your blog post ( please contact the OSCAL organizing team asap with details about your plans. OSCAL location this year is close to important governmental buildings which might generate issues from these institutions and we, as organizing team, need to take into consideration.
Looking forward to your answers to the questions above.


Based on the number of donations received so far, we will probably
reach the target for purchasing a battery and not much else.
To maximize battery life, it needs to be kept at a sane temperature
and maintained with a 3-stage smart charger when not in use.
It can be used to support just about any 12 volt demo (see my
blogs), not just radio. You could even run model trains with it.
I did specifically submit a proposal to the OSCAL team for operating
a ham radio booth so this is no surprise to anybody. I also sent
additional information recently, including a photo of the demo.
If anybody is concerned about antennas in close proximity to
Albania’s government, please think about this: is an antenna I built
for less than EUR 50 likely to be comparable to the antennas
installed across the road in the US embassy?

Daniel, by answering the questions with other questions you are not helping us.understand. the questions related to OSCAL are from the organising team, not me. The fact that tour request for booth was accepted does not mean you can do anything at the venue. Please respect the fact that organising the conference is a lot of stress and having to answer questions from the authorities is the last thing we want to do without having all the info. Please respect this aspect and try to be in our possition as organising team. We are not asking a lot, just info that will help us have a better overview of things we do not know.
Regarding the question about the management of the battery or any material : you didn’t answer again my questions that are important for me as a member of the hackerspace that will need to manage the hardware. Please share more details.


Everybody saw the antenna last year. People from the Open Labs
community were involved in helping erect the antenna at OSCAL’17 so
I hope you will remember it.
I don’t understand the nature of your concerns: are you asking if
the antenna will attract unpleasant questions from officials when
they see it? Or are you worried the antenna is going to cause some
kind of interference with other services? Or is there some other
concern about it? Please be more specific and then I can make
suggestions about how we mitigate the risk that is of concern to
Which details do you need?
Will it be easier to have a conversation and discuss this together
when I arrive and then we post a response on the forum telling
everybody what has been agreed?