Activities around OSCAL 2018

Any thoughts on activities around OSCAL for this year, apart from the event itself? As well as the tour of Tirana on the day after, I was wondering about organizing something the day before, and letting people know in advance that there will be activities then so they can include it in choosing their travel days.

But, since the resident members will probably all be busy setting up the conference itself, I thought this might be something that visiting remote members such as myself could help with on the day (although if anything needs booking perhaps that’s best done by a resident member).

To start things off, here’s my suggestion for such a day:

  • Meet for coffee at the big Mulliri behind the Opera
  • Get cake at Mon Amour :slight_smile:
  • Take the Linze bus and walk a bit to get to Dajti Expres base station
  • Get combined Dajti/Bunkart tickets, travel up the cable car
  • For energetic people, go to Dajti Adventure (I haven’t tried this yet) and others go for a walk
  • Lunch at the Dajti Ballkoni or one of the other restaurants up there
  • Cable car down to the base station
  • Walk to Bunkart and do the tour there
  • Bus back into town and look round “Shtepia me Gjethe”
  • Walk through Blokku a bit
  • Traditional Albanian food for supper at Pajtimi

Any thoughts?


Hey @John ,

I like the idea !

I would add The House of Leaves that’s still on my todo-list :slight_smile:

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Hi Jonathan, that’s already there under the name “Shtepia me Gjethe”.