A road/path fault reporting app from Brussels, for cyclists

Might something like this be useful in Tirana?

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What a wonderfull city Brussels is ! :innocent:
Didn’t heard of that campaign (shame on me) ! I’ll register right now, thanks @John !

Sorry for the off topic message, I’ll be quite now !

Correct me if I am wrong, but the code of the app doesn’t seem to be public. If this is the case it is a major issue for the ownership of the code (not by the public) a potential vendor lock in and privacy concerns.
In addition this could be an addition to Fix my Street Project and not a new investment.


You’re indeed right @rskikuli ; I do not think this is open-source.

I’ll try to contact them to know more about it :slight_smile:

If there any plans to open source it, let’s continue that discussion.