35c3 - 35th Chaos Communication Congress - 27-30 December 2018 in Leipzig, Germany

35c3 has been confirmed again in Leipzig, Germany:
(German, sorry most news articles are): https://www.heise.de/newsticker/meldung/35C3-CCC-Hackerkongress-findet-auch-2018-in-Leipzig-statt-4153769.html

15.000 people have attended last year and 17000 are expected this year. The CCC is a bit slow this year with news but they confirmed it via twitter: https://twitter.com/chaosupdates/status/1036009379516932096

Tickets are open in November / December, although it can be tricky to get one. If you are interested please mention it so here so we can try to have some spare tickets maybe. They start around 120 EUR for the whole 4 day congress.

I have been at 33c3 (Hamburg) and 34c3 (Leipzig) and it’s a not-to-miss event. As the dates are around Christmas and New Year’s eve (27-30th Dec) you should expect to plan ahead. It’s suggested to fly out to Berlin and take a train from there to Leipzig (1-2h, 40-80 EUR return)


Is it possible for Open Labs to have a representation there?

I know some members have attended past editions but i am thinking of something more official.

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Izabela hi,

Can you please elaborate a bit more what do you mean with 'is it possible"? You mean, option how to participate?

I’ve been 2 years ago at the last one organized in Hamburg, and as Elio said, it’s a must event. Its a very big one(~12.000 people) and high quality content.

I am thinking of having an Info booth with some Open Labs members.

Edhe mua shume ide e mire dhe e bukur me duket. Prezencen e Open Labs me nje infobooth do na ndihmonte vertet edhe me pjesen e promovimit te hackerspace. Te marrurit pjese si organizat ne evente te tilla sjell shume perfitime por nje nga barrierat qe kemi patur deri me sot ka qene ceshtja e mbulimit te kostove. Mesa di eventi ka entry fee, se di ne ka kosto per infobooth, plus kostot e tjera. Ka ndonje sugjerim per kete @IzabelaBakollari (mq ti e propozove dmth)? Apo po sugjeron qe anetaret te shkojn ne nivel individual por te bejne edhe kete gje per hackerspace?

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Une mendoj qe ka ardhur momenti te kemi nje perfaqesim me zyrtar ne konferenca si FOSDEM apo CCC. E kuptoj qe nje pjese e anetareve ikin me projektet qe jane perfshire, por besoj ka dhe anetare qe duan te perfqesojne Open Labs.

Per sa i perket sponsorizimit nuk kam informacion.

Shume mire e ke menduar :slight_smile:

For something “official” (well, umm… as far as official can go on a C3 :wink: you could apply for a so-called assembly. Assemblies can be about anything to present a group or community and gather around a table, a booth, an installation, … Take a look at the call for participation (CfP) in the Assemblies section and watch out for when the 35C3 Wiki will come alive, where assemblies can be registered then. To get an idea see last year’s 34C3 Assemblies.


Si ide më duket interesante vetëm se është mirë që të na udhëzojnë anëtarët që më parë kanë qenë prezent. Hapi i dytë është që ta marrë dikush përsipër implementimin, por duke patur parasysh që dicka e tillë mund të ketë nevojë për koordinim me bordin në rast se ka nevojë për buzhet të dedikuar për këtë.


Please keep this discussion in English as it’s on that section of the forum :slight_smile:

faleminderit Elio

I’m interested in attending.

I might have gotten ahold of a voucher. If you are interested to buy a ticket right away with a credit card let me know so we can circulate it quickly within the community. Afaik, it should be around 100-120 EUR. Up to 2 tickets can be bought with a voucher (at least the past years it has been like that).

Hi all,

FWIW I will be in Leipzig this year for 35c3. Feel free to ping me, if you want to meet there for a chat – or some assistance in navigating the congress. Although I havent been in Leipzig last year, I have been attending a few previous editions in Hamburg and Berlin, which gives me some ideas on what to expect.



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See you there @Sweetshark :slight_smile:

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