2018 LiFT Scholarship Applications Now Open

(Silva Arapi) #1

Since 2011 The Linux Foundation has been awarding scholarships to those in need. The Linux Foundation training (LiFT) scholarships provide Linux training to developers and IT professionals who show interest and promise in becoming more active in and knowledgeable about Linux and open source development but cannot otherwise afford to the training they need to further their career or improve their skills. Each scholarship recipient receives the free training and their testing fees for certification if applicable are waived.

Link for those interested to apply: https://www.linuxfoundation.org/about/diversity-inclusiveness/skills-training/lift-scholarships/


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(Mariana Balla) #2

Thanks for sharing Silva and Sidorela! I just applied for a LiFT scholarship. :grinning:


(Anja Xhakani) #3

I applied too, thanks :slight_smile: